The Who – Tommy 2017

OnCapture the 30th of March 2017, I saw The Who play Tommy at The Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

It was the first time that I had seen them perform Tommy since 1989 – which in fact is also the last time that The Who have performed Pete Townshend’s classic rock opera as the full band. Or as full as it is now.

As you would expect of The Who and the Royal Albert Hall it was an amazing concert! Roger Daltrey (73) and Pete Townshend (71) those boys still have it.

Since the farewell tour I have been worried to not see them ever again. But I have seen The Who performed a few times now, and every time I think, this is going to be the last time, so I am so truly grateful to have been able to see them perform Tommy my favourite album at my favourite venue, to be honest, it was all quiet emotional and I’ve only just been able to write about it. Call me crazy ha.

The Rock n Horsepower Concert

The Who – Quadrophenia Tour 2013

It was announced that for the 100th teenage cancer trust concert there was going to be something special and we weren’t expecting Noel Gallagher to Rock up on stage, he gave a great performance too, with seemingly new and old tracks.

We were originally told that the concert would be performed acoustically but it seems that that was just an idea that was mentioned. Roger said to us at the concert, Sorry it was his fault that it wouldn’t be an acoustic performance but Pete said that actually, he couldn’t get it to sound big enough. And we weren’t sorry at all, it did sound big enough with Pete playing the Stratocaster.

Photo 30-03-2017, 21 19 57




They performed Tommy with a comment from Pete at some point asking the others to get on with it, as they had dragged out the end of track. At the end, Roger said – something about sorry for the errors its been a long time.

Then after that we were wowed with You won’t get fooled again, Who Are You and Baba O’Reilly. We called for more but not for very long, as the lights came on and really we thought they must be exhasted!

Looking forward to the next concert! 🙂


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