The Corrs at the 02 January 2016


the corrs at the 02A guest post by King Richard 

It was way back in 1998 that I first became aware of ‪#‎TheCorrs‬ and in 1999 I bought their second album, Talk On Corners (goodness knows how many times I’ve played it) and of course, with each new album release I would as a loyal fan buy it. The Corrs have been a really big part of my life, , the way other peeps would say that about Elvis, Queen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In 2000 I went to see them play at Wembley (I was way at the back of the arena but I still remember fully enjoying it, the atmosphere the fact I was seeing my favourite band play live – and was also broadcast live to the nation via Sky One.

Ten years ago due to families and other reasons the band went on to do other things, Andrea and Sharon recorded solo albums (was in 2011 I briefly met Andrea and she had signed four albums for me – she was so sweet, I always thought that it would have been nice to get her two sisters and brother to sign the rest of the albums but realised that would be nothing more than a pipe dream.

And so last year I was on a train coming back from London (still getting over a stinking cold) and as one does, I checked Twitter and just couldn’t believe it, #TheCorrs were releasing a new studio album and touring – that was a great moment, and when the tickets went on sale I wanted to push the boat out and made sure I had better seats than I did in 2000.

Because of a fan forum and a good friend I found out that #TheCorrs were going to be doing a performance at the London Palladium, I’d gone up there and thankies to the very Lovely Andrea I got a great group shot with them (the staff member at the Palladium wasn’t happy but it was Andrea that made this happen) a few days later I saw them at The One Show, all four are so friendly and lovely and sweet and they were all good enough to sign my much cherished albums.

the corrs at the o2

And so on Saturday I saw them play at Londons o2 arena, (one of my concerns with the gig was my left foot and the fact it plays me up something rotten hence why I cant be on my foot for too long and why I need to use a walking stick, as SOON as Carolines intro started up, we the adoring audience got to our feet and for almost two hours was treated to the finest music you’d find anywhere.

Not much of a dancer I must admit, but the beautiful music, the wonderful melodies the oh so familiar tunes that have played out on my hi-fi, my iPhone and way back in the day on my Walkman. saw me just get in the zone, saw me dance, bop my head and dutifully sing along – this was a truly Magickal experience and one I shall never forget.


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