How Lucky Are We To Have Instant Access To Music ?

I never forget how lucky we are to have instant access to music!  Back in the day, when I was a kid, it was totally a different story.

There were no music channels on the TV, we just had the radio and not knowing it was illegal at the time, we would put our tape recorder by the radio when it was churning out the weeks top 40 tracks – in the hope that noone would come in and start talking as their voices would all be recorded.  Even if you managed to get a half decent tape recording it would usually still have a hissing noise over the tracks. Whats more it didn’t take long for the tape recorder to eat the cassette tape.  If you were lucky you might manage to recover some of the tape and put it back together using sellotape.  I actually do still have a large collection of cassette tapes that were all labelled up and every song written on the inlay card that I can’t bare to get rid of.  Even-though I haven’t played them for years and years having replaced them with CD’s, MP3s or WAV files a long time ago.
Instant Access to Music

Something else we used to do with the tape recorded music was you could listen and pause every-line so that you could write down the lyrics until you eventually had all of the lyrics to sing along with.

As we got older and managed to earn some money – we could go to the record shop to buy records, if we were lucky enough to have a record player.  I loved going to the record shop – it was almost like a club with everyone hanging around listening to some great music, I spent many a long day there.  The only trouble was with just a Saturday job you could probably only afford one single a week and maybe an album for your birthday or a special occasion.  Unless your paper-round was a really good payer.  It usually didn’t matter just having one single as you would play it over and over to death until your parents said “Nooooooo not again!”   I’m still pretty much like that now, when I hear a new song, I still play it over and over until the next one comes along.

Instant Access to Music

How Lucky are we to Have Instant Access to Music

Now, thanks to the internet, we have music everywhere.  With search we can find any genre of music we like, mostly any track we want to listen to is on the internet.  What I love is the apps that you can use to find the track that you are trying to find with just a few notes or even your voice such as Shazam and Soundhound, as most my friends know I get one line or even just a small tune and it will annoy me until I can hear the track.

Where can you listen to free music on line?

Here are just a few and my favorites

I’ve included my own links here, if you want to add me on any of them.

You can also listen live to almost any radio station, on your phone or your pc at anytime, which is another great way to listen to music.

You can also get to hear the new tracks as soon as they come out in your own time, without having to wait for it to come on the radio.  And how wonderful is it to be able to buy it right away without having to leave your home, and add it to your collection on your PC – ipod – phone – or whatever device you are listening on.

I know you probably know all of this, but almost everyday I think How Lucky are we to Have Instant Access to Music and it just excites me, as I hope it excites you.

What stories do you have from your child hood about music?


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