Stop Wasting so Much of Your Marketing Budget on Facebook

Socially Minded Marketing

By Anna Seacat
Slide1Since taking my first course on SEM (search engine marketing) at Southern New Hampshire University, I have become slightly obsessed with the discipline.  Most of my days involve trying to consume enough SEM-related content and applying principles provided within the content to remain viable as a digital marketer.  SEM is a moving target, which is partly why I’m attracted to it.  With my background and interest in SEM being established, I’ll start this post by offering clarification on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), because I often see it being discussed in terms of paid media.  Next, I will provide an example of how social media usage can enhance SEO efforts.  Last, I will use the evidence I provide to draw a conclusion about which social media platform should be preferred and why, when focusing on SEO.

What SEO is NOT

First, I’d like to offer clarification on what…

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