Wilko Johnson / Mrs Roger Daltrey and the real Foxy Lady


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Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey Album ‘Going Back Home’

I came across this really interesting post about Heather Taylor Mrs Roger Daltrey  while I was looking up about the recent Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey Album ‘Going Back Home’ which was recorded last November in a week!!!  The Album will be Released On the specially for this reason resurrected Chess Records on the 10 March 2014!!  Just after Rogers birthday 🙂 And not only that Wilko and Roger will be performing tracks from the album at a very special one off show at The O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on February 25th.  Oh yes…  Amazing Stuff! …… Check out the link below the image for more info. 

Anyway this started my nostalgia Google search off once again ..  I knew nothing about Rogers wife really – and I certainly didn’t know that she went out with Jimi Hendrix – maybe I didn’t want to know !   This is fascinating !

Heather Taylor – Mrs (Roger Daltrey) and the real Foxy Lady

Franchesca from backtothesixties60 worked really hard at collecting this information and said that we could share so here it is.

Here’s my favorite rock’n’roll woman: Heather Taylor aka Mrs. Who or Foxy Lady, second wife of Roger Daltrey of the Who, who call her his “Jolly Green Giant”. I know she’s not as famous as other Sixties girls, but I saw that there aren’t so many people that talk about her on the net, so I decided to post her biography.

Heather Theresa Taylor was born in June 1947 in London to Hanna and Chuck Taylor and spent her early childhood in Hammersmith, untill she moved to Connecticut with her family.
As a teenager, she met Davy Jones of the Monkees when her brother was in the musical Oliver! on Broadway and Davy was the Artful Dodger.
They had a romance and Heather eventually ran his fan club. During the Sixties she worked as dancer and a fashion model at the Murray the K show during Jackie the K wild fashion show. She and Linda Eastman hanged around the Stones in those days. In 1964 she dated Gordon Waller. She also went out with Jimi Hendrix (who dedicated to her his song Foxy Lady) and Jeff Beck.
I did not know that about Heather Taylor – Mrs Roger Daltrey she really was the Foxy Lady
Read More   with Loads of images!

2 thoughts on “Wilko Johnson / Mrs Roger Daltrey and the real Foxy Lady

  1. Thank you for sharing my article! I’m still looking for info about Heather, and during the last years, while creating a website about her (, I was glad to find that there was more and more people getting interested in her.

    I’m also thrilled about Roger and Wilko Johnson’s new album, can’t wait to listen to it!

    • Aww thanks for commenting, Yes I saw that other site too – you have some fantastic info – what an interesting person she is! I’m a big Who Fan too especially Roger so I can’t wait either.

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