The Who – Quadrophenia Tour 2013

The Who - Quadrophenia Tour 2013

This month I was very lucky to be able to go to the 02 in London for – The Who – Quadrophenia Tour 2013 

Who wouldn’t be excited – One of the Greatest Rock Bands of All time

I booked this concert the first day that tickets went on sale and I’d managed to snag seats in the third row – talk about ecstatic.  It seemed an age until the day arrived.  As a huge Who fan I could hardly cope with the excitement. My boyfriend who came with me, said I was worse than a kid on Christmas eve – I told him that didn’t even compare!

I’ve been a fan of The Who probably since I was about 12 – when they had been around for about 12 years born around the same time as myself.     I’m not a huge concert goer but I’ve been to see The Who three times and thoroughly enjoyed all occasions. Although I have to say the first time I saw Tommy the Rock Opera at the Royal Albert Hall and that has to be the best concert ever – Nothing to do with the fact that Roger and Pete came over to me to give me a kiss !  No, it was a great venue, probably my favorite album and the guest stars were amazing.  Quardrophenia, The Whos’ second Rock Opera concert however was more amazing than I could have ever imagined.  So if you’ve come here for a professional unbiased review, sorry to disappoint you, this is just me raving about how wonderful it was, again.

Quadrophenia and More

The Quadrophenia and More tour has actually been going on since the 1st of November in the United States with a short break from February to June to begin again in Ireland on the 8th of June,  the last concert of the tour at Wembley Arena on the 8th of July.

Quadrphenia was released in 1973 and it was a chronicle of the life of Jimmy – a Mod from London in the 1960’s.   It was a lot about the 60’s, mental illness, struggles with parents, his job, and the Mods and Rockers.

The multi-personality of Jimmy was supposed to represent the four personality’s of the members of The Who or that the personalities of each member where used to illustrate each of Jimmy’s four personalities  –

  • A tough guy, a helpless dancer. (“Helpless Dancer” – Roger Daltrey)
  • A romantic, is it me for a moment? (“Is It Me?” – John Entwistle)
  • A bloody lunatic, I’ll even carry your bags. (“Bell Boy” – Keith Moon)
  • A beggar, a hypocrite, love reign o’er me. (“Love Reign O’er Me” – Pete Townshend)Wiki information.

That is why in this Concert, all four members appeared to be present on the stage !

Yes, Keith Moon took part in Bell Boy singing and playing the drums on a big screen and John Entwistle played the base solo on 5:15.  Both were so expertly arranged so it really sounded and looked like they were both there.

From the moment The Who set foot on the stage the whole place exploded – we stood and danced and sang with them for the entire concert.  An emotional, musical treat, with breathtaking special effects, spectacular lighting and magnificent sounds. I have to say that the whole band were fabulous – which included Simon Townshend on guitar.   Roger and Peter are totally amazing even though almost 70 now, they looked fit and sounded fantastic, yes there were differences to the way they did things last time I saw them 13 years ago but you’d be a fool to think otherwise.

After Quadrophenia as you’d expect, The Who played many of the old favorites to leave us feeling very satisfied but somehow still wanting more at the end of the concert.

The Who – Quadrophenia Tour 2013 Setlist

  1. I Am the Sea
  2. The Real Me
  3. Quadrophenia
  4. Cut My Hair
  5. The Punk and the Godfather
  6. I’m One
  7. The Dirty Jobs
  8. (Simon Townshend on vocals)
  9. Helpless Dancer
  10. Is It in My Head?
  11. I’ve Had Enough
  12. 5:15
  13. (recording of John Entwistle … more)
  14. Sea and Sand
  15. Drowned
  16. Bell Boy
  17. (recording of Keith Moon singing on screen)
  18. Doctor Jimmy
  19. The Rock
  20. Love, Reign O’er Me
  21. (followed by band introductions)
  22. Hits (no encore break)
  23. Who Are You
  24. You Better You Bet
  25. Pinball Wizard
  26. Baba O’Riley
  27. Won’t Get Fooled Again
  28. Tea & Theatre

I did take some pics and some videos but I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing so they didn’t come out very good, I did manage to cobble together some images and video footage I took to make this short video.  What an amazing thing to have, I wish I had it from the other two concerts that I went to. I hope that you enjoy it.  Thanks for listening and reading.

The Who at the O2 London June 16, 2013 16/06/13


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