School of Rock Wichita

school of rock
The only thing I knew about Kansas was that you had to follow the Yellow Brick Road

However my good friend Jason Ramsey, General Manager and Co-owner has put Wichita, Kansas on the Map with the School of Rock Wichita. 

Inspiring the world to Rock on Stage and In Life.

What is the School of Rock

Its all in the name, its a rock school – or more technically its a performance based after school music education. Students learn through performance-based teaching and one on one lessons from professional musicians.

School of Rock is an international franchise, which started in 1998 and now there are over 100 schools in the United States, Mexico,  Brazil, Chile, Canada, The Philippines, and there are rumors that it is coming to the United Kingdom!  The school of rock is for ages 7-18 but they also have older adults and there is even a new class for 4-5 year olds called Little Wing.

Wichita only opened a year ago and its amazing how the students have progressed in such a short amount of time.

Music lessons done differently

I love the way they teach by getting the children and adults on the stage as soon as possible with many band rehearsals and lessons building their confidence and musicianship. They teach guitar, bass, vocal, keyboards and drums what more could a great rock band ask for.  When the children are ready they then play to live audiences, the School of Rock Wichita have played in some great venues and there are many more to come.

The Wall

A recent tour they did was “The Wall” by Pink Floyd.

This is them at the Orpheum earlier this year. They rocked the show, they were amazing.

See more videos on the School of Rock Wichita Youtube Channel 

Southern Rock Show

Amongst other shows The School of Rock Wichita are rehearsing right now for the Southern Rock Show, which is two night of music performed by the students, featuring songs by Lynyard Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Doobie Brothers and much more at Riverfest – Saturday 8th of June and Wednesday the 12th of June.

Here they are rehearsing for Southern Rock


More exciting news is that the School of Rock Wichita has been invited to perform at Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival, taking place this June in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Its going to be an experience of a life time for those kids, and there is a fund raiser to help get them there. See Gofundme

“Summerfest provides the backdrop for the music industry’s biggest stars, emerging talent and local favorites to create unforgettable live music experiences, and our students can be a part of this amazing event with your help”.

Our Famous Jason Ramsey on Kake News

Jason was even on the News recently, where he explains all about the School of Rock – Love this line, “kids get of bored playing Mary had a little lamb” 

You can find out more information about The School of Rock Wichita on….



School of Rock Website


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