In My Coma


In My Coma are a fantastic alternative Rock band from Toronto – I seriously don’t know why all the great bands I find online are from Canada, pure coincidence.   Although the leader of the band Jasper James was actually born in Guildford near London, England, so that makes it ok.

Jasper’s passion of music came from his father and he was influenced by the British bands of the 80’s  Although the bands music is  inspired by Brit pop there are a lot of Heavy American Rock influences too which has given them an amazing sound, no two tracks are the same, as you find with some bands. You cannot fault the lyrics or the music, I love both.

The band is a trio comprising of –

  • Jasper James – Vocals-Guitar-Noises 
  • Laura Doll – Bass-Vocals-Thunder
  • Mike Paterson – Drums-Earplugs-Pounder

Check out Voices from Magnets and Miracles – I love this!

Magnets and Miracles

In My Coma’s debut Album which has been available since 2011 is called Magnets and Miracles – which you can listen to, download and buy from cdbaby and on iTunes – I love that the title of the album came about because a friend said that their music made him picture magnets and miracles in his mind.

“The album is a collection of interrelated songs about darkness and human connection, with formidable elements of heavy rhythmic rock and electronic sampling. As Jasper puts it, “With our first installment, we don’t want to ring people’s doorbells, we want to kick the front door down.”

From –

The great thing about In My Coma, is that you can find them all over the internet – which of course is how I found them. The members of the band have their own personal Twitter accounts and the band have their own –  which they keep up dated regularly – they have their own Facebook page – – My Space and the list goes on – see here on their own website – how to connect to IMC

Jasper says with this first album, they do not want to ring peoples doorbell, we want to kick the front door down”  Well they certainly got my attention.

In My Coma Canadian Tour

They are Touring Canada right now – The first gig is in Regina on the 9th of April.

Apr 09 Rocks Bar & Grill Regina, Canada

Apr 10 New City Legion Edmonton, Canada 

Apr 11 The River 97.5FM Kamloops, Canada 

Apr 12 The Railway Club w/ Fighter Jet, Nuk… Vancouver, Canada 

Apr 13 Doc Willoughby’s w/ Wild Son Kelowna, Canada 

Apr 15 Dickens Pub w/ A Decade Lost, S…Calgary, Canada

Apr 16 Buds on Broadway Saskatoon, Canada 

Apr 17 Buds on Broadway Saskatoon, Canada 

Apr 18 Pulse Rock Bar Winnipeg, Canada 

Apr 19 The Foundry w/ Android 16 Thunder Bay, Canada

Apr 20 Loplops Sault Ste Marie, Canada 

May 18 Sessions on the River Fort Erie, Canada

For more details see the In My Coma = Facebook page or website – given above, if you can get to see them, please let me know what you thought.  I’ll be listening and watching from now on.


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