Who is Ellie Goulding


Unless you have been under a rock like me for the last four years you would have heard of Ellie Goulding.  Strangely, I only recently realised what an incredibly talented singer-songwriter and personality she is, and now I can’t get enough.

Not only are her lyrics amazing, Ellie has a sweet but powerful, totally different, maybe an eclectic voice, I cannot find the right words! Some say her voice is similar to Kate bush or Bjork, and although Ellie says that Bjork is one of her influences, Ellie’s voice is unique – Wikipedia explains like this – The vocal range of soprano with the high piercing breathy vibrato.   I’ve read that Ellie cannot find her place and needs to choose her style.  WHY ?  Her originality and diversity is her key.

How and where did Ellie become famous

Elena Jane Goulding who we know as Ellie Goulding was born on the 30th December 1986 in Lyonshall, a small, historic village in Herefordshire.  Ellie was always into music, starting first with the clarinet at just nine years old,  her interest and talents grew and grew. Two years after she had started at the University of Kent, Ellie was discovered by Jamie Lillywhite of Crown Music Management during a talent contest and was whipped away to stardom.

Ellie’s first single “Under the Sheets” from her debut album Lights appears on Radio1 in September 2009  – It seems that this track and producer were  purposefully chosen  to gently easy Ellie into the Music scene.  The track is about a relationship that is based on nothing but sex, that you know this relationship is not real but you are in denial.

Much happened on the way to the release of Lights, in March 2010 and it quickly reached number 1 in the UK albums Chart.   And then Bright Lights was released to include – Ellie’s astonishing cover of Elton Johns Your Song, was also a big hit reaching number 2 in the UK Singles chart December 2010.

Since then Ellie has been so amazingly busy with various breaks and tours and performing at the royal wedding of Wills and Kate, its just going up and up for our Ellie. In all Ellie has sole over 1.5 Million Albums and six million Tracks. Its totally amazing what has been accomplished in those short years.

Ellies second album Halcyon

Halcyon – Ellies second album which was released in October 2012 went to number two in the UK Albums chart in the first week.    The album contains, the hit single Anything Could Happen, a Duet with Tinie Tempah, Hanging On and a collaboration with Calvin Harris. Ellie herself says she has been told the lyrics are a bit dark, as are many of her lyrics but the reason for this darkness has been rumoured to be due to the end of her relationship with Skillrex. Although it seems that they still talk and work together, and are set to bring out Collaborative track maybe even an album in 2013.

I really loved Lights, but to be honest I’d heard all the remix versions but it wasn’t until Explosions from the second album that I really found Ellies music.

What is Ellie Goulding doing now

If you want to know what Ellie is going – Ellie is all over the social networks, music people know how to work social media – Ellie Goulding Twitter, Ellie Goulding Facebook, Ellie Goulding Google+ YouTube and Instagram. You can find Ellie (or assistants) posting on these networks quite often.  Her music is also on every music site you can ever imagine.   This week we’ve seen pictures of Ellie kissing Calvin Harris on her recent visit to Miami and on Friday she tweeted a picture of her in the cold at a Photo shoot by London Bridge.  Its amazing what you can find out 🙂  Ellie just said on Twitter that tonight she is presenting at the Empire Awards!

On Thursday 21st of March I was thrilled to catch the live streaming of Ellie’s Concern performed in an intimate London venue.  I can’t seem to find a video to watch now about it, but I’m sure there will be one.  Let me know if you find it please.

Hope you enjoyed my Who is Ellie Goulding post – I took most of the information from various video interviews that she has done, if you believe any of it is not correct please let me know –  as you can tell I am now a HUGE Ellie fan, not sure I can’t be classed in the league of goulddigger yet but who knows – I wish her great success.


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