Get ready to be dazzled by New Pop and Rock Band “Clear Skies”

clear skies

Who are Clear Skies

Recently on Twitter I came across a band new band called Clear Skies a pop rock back from Springfield, Missouri.  There isn’t much background info online about the band and they don’t seem to have their own website – but it appears that the band was started by Brooks Farris @brooksCSmo Drummer and Jake Cruisinberry @JakeCSmo the lead singer and has now grown into an awesome pop rock band that you really need to listen to.

Where can you find more about Clear Skies

Although it appears that The band are relatively unknown they do actually have many followers and fans on their twitter accountsClear Skies facebook page and of course their Youtube channel  where they have done many fantastic covers such as – Swedish House Mafia, Don’t you worry Child and Red a Taylor Swift Cover both absolutely amazing! You can even download the Taylor switch cover for free at Tweetforatrack

What interested me about Clear Skies

What first attracted me to the band was a tweet I saw about a DRUM COVER – that was uploaded to YouTube just yesterday –  Blink-182 Dogs Eating Dogs, I saw this and just HAD to find out more, as someone said in the comments – words cannot describe how much I love this!  I read that Blink 182 is one of their influences and you can see that Brooks has such fun making this.

That was just the start

I didn’t realise what a musical a treat I was in for however as I clicked through to look at Clear Skies YouTube channel –  I was totally blown away “dazzled” by their punchy, addictive debut single Run to you that was produced by Kevin Gates Productions and released on September 21st 2012 available on itunes – Run to you Single . The video on YouTube understandably has 9000 views, its a great track with brilliant sounds and energy, I also love that the video has the lyrics in all different fonts and sizes with some fantastic effects.

Download Clear Skies latest Track from iTunes

Clear Skies latest track I Gotta Know was publish and released on the 7th January this year and is available for download on itunes – its a super amazing track where the extensive range of the vocals shine right from the first note.   that  you can listen to on Soundcloud – Clear Skies – I Gotta Know

These guys are quality – Check them out, like them, friend them, share them – and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Get ready to be dazzled by New Pop and Rock Band “Clear Skies”

  1. Just found these guys too. Run To You is so catchy! Didn’t know about the covers on their Youtube channel – great post!

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