Jam with Chrome, play virtual music with your friends


Jam with Chrome is an interactive web application that lets you play various instruments live on line with your friends.

Google’s  Experiment

Googles creative lab are calling this “game” an experiment to try out the latest tech available using applications it seems.

How to play Jam with Chrome

To create your Virtual Rock Band you need to have Google Chrome the latest version, which uses HTML5 to bring you this experience.

If you are a music lover and you fancy rocking out with your friends on-line for free, you should try it.

When you first log in you are presented with a Standard Drum kit and the option to pick an instrument – which you can switch at any time –   and enter a nickname, which can be different each time – and click JAM

When you are in you can then add your friends – you have the options to share to Twitter, Facebook or Google plus – but we found these didn’t work – what did work was sharing the link to your Jam.


This game is full of features – You can choose from 19 different instruments to play with up to 4 people in an online Jam session.

On each instrument, you have the choice to play pro or easy…

Easy is … easy – you can strum the guitar or pluck the string or you can even have it on auto play and just switch around the chords, which sounds very professional.

Pro – is a little harder, you get to use your keyboard as notes, the only trouble is if you or someone in your session doesn’t have a good connection you get a message asking you to change back to easy and it won’t play.


Jam Session with friends.

When Ros and I had our Jam session, we had great fun and lots of laughs, we were pretty useless at first.

Bugs – we found often that it froze, lagged or just kicked us out.  But we didn’t let that put us off, we actually played this game for an hour. Trying out all the instruments and finding our best duet.

Its a cute little game, but there are many problems to sort out – there is often a connection error and the lag is just a pain – you can’t have lag when playing or you press the button to hit the drum and it hits it a few seconds later.

They could add some more instruments and a way of recording your sessions would be great.

Its a fantastic idea, and a great Chrome application, I will be giving it another go – if you are playing and want to invite me please do @michelledh

Have you tried it yet, what did you think?



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