Jonathan and Charlotte – from BGT to Success

We first saw Jonathan and Charlotte on Britain’s Got Talent in March 2012 and we all loved them. Just 16 and 17 years old the two teenagers from Essex sang beautifully and moved everyone that watched that performance as you can tell from the now 25 million views on just one of the videos that are on YouTube.

Jonathan and Charlotte are a “classical crossover”  here they sing “The Prayer” at the audition.

Simon Cowell renowned for his bitchiness on the show, said that Jonathan should drop Charlotte but later admitted that he was wrong and apologised and in the end he signed them to his own record label Syco in a £1 million recording contract, from which they have now released their first album “Together

Debut Album – Together Track listing

  • 1. The Prayer-Feat. Only Boys Aloud
  • 2. Caruso
  • 3. Vero Amore (Your Song)
  • 4. Ave Maria
  • 5. Forse (Unintended)
  • 6. Il Mondo E Nostro (Rule The World)
  • 7. Canto Della Terra
  • 8. Ognuno Soffre (Everybody Hurts)
  • 9. Chi Mai Vivra Per Sempre (Who Wants To Live Forever)
  • 10. La Prima Volta (First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

Jonathan and Charlotte have now announced that they will be touring the country in June 2013 – dates are

June 23 – Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow
June 25 – International Centre, Bournemouth
June 26 – Cliffs Pavilions, Southend
June 28 – Symphony Hall, Birmingham
June 29 – Hammersmith Apollo, London

There was even a documentary about them on ITV1 at the beginning of this month – showing exactly how Jonathan and Charlotte shot to fame and what they have been up to.  Its reported that this TV show had 4 Million viewers.

Heatworld reported on Friday that Jonathan and Charlotte had turned on the Christmas lights at St Pancras and they have a great video interview –

BGT’s Jonathan and Charlotte get us feeling festive as they turn on Christmas lights

You can see here, just how much they get on with each other – The magic of their voices together, and that they are very good friends, brings a passion through both of their voices and into the music.

I wish them all the success in the world, a young beautiful couple, who you hear, haven’t  had the easiest of lives with many difficulties along the way – which makes it even more important now that they both get what they want out of life now and are happy.

A very emotional success story for two young people who actually came second in Britain’s Got Talent.


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