Who is Peter Hollens – Cappella Vocialist Producer

Who is Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens is an amazing independent pop singer songwriter and producer from Ashland, Oregon, America.  Peter records and produces from his home studio in Eugene  Oregon, and has recently recorded for Sony and Epic Records.

Peter’s  youtube channel now has 148,056 subscribers.  Most of the tracks are created by just the human voice and mouth – and some clapping, the videos are always superbly made and a pleasure to watch and well as listen too.

His latest video Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson – with Madilyn Bailey and Peter Hollens was published on the 5th of November, just 5 days ago – and already has 83’000 views, its just fab, its going to be a big hit.

Peter Hollens most popular video is Some Nights – with 1,770,286 – Wow!!   You can tell why, its full of life and joy and excellent vocals.

One of my favourite tracks is Skyrim Theme – A cappella this now has 811,409

Its very difficult to pick a favourite track acutally because Peter is a very talented guy – not only that he is a pleasure to look at – but don’t get any funny ideas he is happily married to  Evynne Hollens, who made a recent appearance on Peters Vlog youtube channel which is always very funny and is great to give you an insight to Peter Hollens, he has 7000 subscribers there.

Evynne, is also a singer, we found that out on this track  – Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye – Peter Hollens feat. Evynne – A cappella Cover – which is another favourite track of mine that Walk off the Earth performed in their 5 people and a guitar video.

This Skyrim version also has Lindsey Stirling Playing the violin – Lindsey also performed on the track – Game of Thrones.

Love it!

Peter Hollens is very social

How I met Peter was through his amazing presence on social media –  he is on all the major networks – Google+ Twitter Facebook  Pinterest and the list goes on.  He works very hard to get his music out there and to the people – Find him, follow him.

Where can I buy Peter Hollens Music

You can buy most of Peter’s tracks and albums on itunes, at very reasonable prices, Check him out here –   Peters new Album – Hollens HD – is a collection of 14 best selling singles in uncompressed audio.


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