A song inspired by Instagram users by Anthony Snape

Anthony Snape – Pictures

I found this track when someone on Twitter suggested I listen to Anthony Snape.  It looks like I am about a year late with this track, but I loved the lyrics, the sound and the video so much I’d like to share it with you.

Of course if you know me, then you know my three of my greatest passions are social networks, music and art.  So this fits into all of them, I love that this track has been inspired by the Photo Sharing Application Instagram.   When you get such passion and enthusiasm like this about something, it stands out from the rest.

What is the track Pictures about

Networks and applications such as instagram where we share our thoughts and feelings with each other, and it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are – they bring us all together as one, knowing each other a bit more and loving each other – thats how I see it.

Anthony – In the end its not really about Instagram or any individual photo or the song or even me, its about humanity and realizing our capacity for love. We each have an endless supply of it and yet the world seems to be somehow lacking.

Who is Anthony Snape 

Anthony is a Pop and Rock artist and is originally from Australia.  In Australia he worked as a session singer for radio TV and as a backing vocalist, even co-writing and recording the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games theme song for the official National Radio Network.  Many things have happened for Anthony since then, from performing in the UK to in 2010 being signed to a major college booking agency, and has been touring colleges all over the US.

Anthony’s first record Disappearing Day was released in 2011 as he started his college tours of the US.

Read more about Anthony Snape and his adventures on his website.  There are many great tracks and videos to listen to.

Back to Pictures,  I love the emotion that has gone into this track,  Anthony said “These pictures neatly arranged in the Instagram app, raised on a pedestal and propelled into the public consciousness had so much emotional charge that it lead me on a two week bender to bring this song to you.”

Pictures – Inspired by Instagram
by Anthony Snape (APRA SESAC)

You like my picture
I like yours too
even though the lights are going down
even from the other side of town
I see you

All our friends are here
and through the lens we share
even though the walls keep us apart
even through the oceans are so large
I know you

oh wouldn’t it be good if all this could teach us something
and oh wouldn’t it be grand if everyone could feel the way we feel
the way we feel

you take your pictures
I take mine too
somewhere in the middle they all meet
float around and settle at our feet.
and only then I know I am complete
I love you.
I do.

You can listen and download the track here for free at  – where you can also support the artist by leaving a tip and promoting it to your freinds.

More ways to connect

Anthonys Facebook 

Anthonys Twitter

Anthonys YouTube 

Check it out, you will be impressed.


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