Who is Ed Barker – Jazzman for George Michael on the Symphonica tour.

Image by Krystian Data – taken from Ed Barkers FB Page https://www.facebook.com/edthejazzman

Ed The Jazzman 

Ed Barker who is touring with George Michael on his Symphonica Tour – playing tenor saxophone and the clarinet is on Twitter waiting to be followed @edthejazzman he’s a great guy and loves a chat, so get in there before he jets off for more concerts in November.

Ed is from London, he has been playing the clarinet since he was 10 years old and the saxophone since 2000 when he was just 15. Ed Barker has played with Britain’s National Youth Orchestra and National Youth Jazz Orchestra, and even before leaving school he performed George Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue  with Chris Jeans and the Ransome Brass Band in concerts around the UK.

Ed took over the lead alto chair in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra in 2009 until January 2010 where the last performance was at the Famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. Ed has been pretty busy ever since doing various concerts and performances, and then he got the George Michael Gig!  How exciting.  And they played at my favorite place – The Royal Albert Hall !

The Symphonia tour as the name suggests isn’t just a normal pop concert – this concert is backed by a full orchestra!

I asked Ed how he got the amazing opportunity to play with George Michael on his recent tour.  It seems there was a series of events that led up to this as you can imagine but in the end it was through contacts and help from friends after publishing a book of Nigel Hitchcock’s jazz and pop solos – Ed describes Nigel as the best Sax player in the world. The book  The Solos of Nigel Hitchcock is available on Amazon and will be available on Jazzwise 

To say Ed was very pleased to be able to play the sax solo on Cowboys and Angels for George Michael on the tour is probably an understatement. 

Skip to 1.08  🙂

Ed’s own band comprises Richard Niles on guitar, Jasper Morrissey on drums, Chris Eldredon keyboards, Richard Norris on bass and the vocals of Kwabena Adjepong.    The band has recorded a promotional EP which was recorded at Nucool Studios with Richard Niles and Richard Norris helping him produce.  All the songs apart from one that was co written with Richard Niles were written by Ed himself.  Crazy enough I can’t seem to find out where you can buy this but here’s a picture of it in the meantime 🙂

Have a listen on his website – http://www.edbarker.co.uk/index.php/listen

Ed also has a youtube channel which has some interesting videos and blogs which are in fact awesome, take a look.

And please follow him on twitter – thanks https://twitter.com/Edthejazzman


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