Pat Sharp beaten up in music video for “Ennui” from Shinies

Shinies Launch new video for their single Ennui starring Pat Sharp 

When I saw Pat Sharp tweeting on twitter about the music video he was in, I rushed over to watch it – wondering what his message “Don’t try this at home” meant.

Pat Sharp is a Radio and Television presenter in the UK – well known for his Mullet haircut back in the day.  Pat, hosted – Fun house, a british children’s game show – We loved Pat (well, we still do) we all grew up with him on TV and on the Radio – even friends of mine worked with him, through which I had the pleasure to meet him.  He was at Capital Radio for 10 years and another 11 years at Heart – Recently, we saw Pat take part in “I’m a Celeb get me out of here”  TV show.

In the Shinies new video, Ennui – we see him kidnapped and beaten up and eventually set on fire. OH NO PAT!!……  Anyway I found it very strange and a tiny bit disturbing so I set out to find out more about it.

Director Fabio Youniss says this on you tube

“When we think about our childhood nostalgically, we think of a time of innocence. Boredom never existed and summers would last forever, pop culture icons and cartoons were our religion.

In “Ennui” we wanted to take these memories and drag them kicking and screaming into the bleak reality of modern day. We wanted to play sadistically with them to give them a new, warped meaning.

Pat Sharp was always our first choice to star in the video. We grew up with him on Saturday morning TV; all of us hold fond memories of him. He represents so much of what was fun about being young in the 80’s and 90’s. With his clean cut image and iconic haircut, he was the perfect candidate to help turn our happy memories into nightmarish reality.”

The trouble is I was so interested in what on earth they were doing to Pat Sharp I wasn’t really listening to the video – and had to go back and listen again.  Its a pretty great track actually but in my ears the vocals should be much much louder. I felt it a bit of a fight to see who could be the loudest, drums, or electric guitar, while trying to hear what the song was about.

I guess they are going for the shock element with the video – and they sure got it with me.  I think they are after a viral video maybe?  Haha It might just work …… people are already talking about it.

Pat appears to love it, he’s still tweeting about it today …

Tiny Klout Flag64Pat Sharp ‏@patsharp

@fabioyouniss Great work Fabio!!!

See for yourself – what do you think.

Its available on Amazon Ennui

And you can follow Shiniesmusic on Facebook

Pat Sharp is still alive and well, thank goodness and he is on Smooth Radio on Weekend Breakfast Every Saturday and Sunday  from 6am


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