Why, The Canadian Rock Band causing a BUZZ #water

Why – was started in 1995 in Winnipeg Monitoba by Brian Cook (Vocalist) Their first Album was The Naked Soul – followed in 2002 with The Rise and Fall of the Question Mark.

Since then, over the years the band have supported and raised money for many causes through many means, including proceeds of their own albums RED and Lazarus Effect –  helping causes such as OxfamUnicefMake Poverty History  and Watercan – which is a charity helping people in poverty to gain access to clean water.  Similar to the @water cause that many of us are involved in.

Not just fantastic music, but musicians with excellent motives too! “Quote Rosalind Anne Smith

More facts about “Why” the Band

Do it Scared is #1 in the intel® canada superstars rock standings

WE STARTED OUT (Somebody’s Baby)” and “MORE OR LESS” is a part of Ray Zahab’s (RUNNING THE SAHARA) film

WHY was featured in a IMAX film about Winnipeg rock bands.

You can find this and many more on and on YouTube  which has one of my favourites called Weep – A song to inspire hope in the midst of grief, loss or change. Paint the future you want. Expect the best.  Weep is available to buy on cdbaby and I believe now on iTunes.  You can also listen to them on Soundcloud! 

Why The Band can be found on MySpace,  Facebook and Twitter too.

Vocals – Brian Cook 

Drums – Dave Bergmuller

Guitar/Keys – Rob Langan 

Eric Nordquist (keyboards/guitar/bass)

Not sure if they are on G+ yet – and I think they are soon to be on Empire Avenue if any of us have anything to do with it 🙂   You can’t say they aren’t trying!

If you like music, you are going to like this band.  A fantastic sound!    Follow them, subscribe to them, friend them, share them.


4 thoughts on “Why, The Canadian Rock Band causing a BUZZ #water

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    • Hi there

      Thanks so much for your comment, that is great to hear – And yes, I had the pleasure of chatting with Colin on twitter about music for sometime and I too found him a genuinely nice guy.

      Thanks again.


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