Canadian Indie Band from Ontario – Walk Off The Earth


Walk off the Earth are a fantastic indie band from Ontario – they call themselves an an “unconventional, multi-talented five-piece musical phenomena”  which is seriously just what they are.

Walk off the Earth have actually been going for 6 years now, regularly making videos for youtube mostly of cover music – they have had a loyal following  from the start  but  popularity really hit when they posted a cover this year of Somebody that I used to know” originally by Gotye.  Which you may now know as 5 people playing one guitar – its not only better than the original but it is hilarious and so so clever!  Today Somebody I used to know has 132,838,890 views.     Not only do the band make superb music, they are fantastic fun and they have an amazing chemistry! Amongst their videos on youtube are many interviews, take out videos and crazy stuff like – “crowd surfing in Japan”  which was from this weeks tour – I love these as you feel like you can really get to know the band.

Walk off the Earth – Members

Taken from Wikipedia –

Walk off the Earth’s  new video –  an original song – Summer vibe is one of my favourite tracks this summer!

Love it!

You can follow them on twitter  –

Youtube Channel –

Facebook –

Tour dates –    –  They are in London on the 8th of September but its sold out …… argh.

itunes –

Check them out – I can’t believe that you wouldn’t like them.


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