The Who at the Olympic closing ceremony

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

There were some great performances at the Olympic 2012 Closing Ceremony, I thought it was a great concert, showing British Music throughout the years, yes sadly there will always be moaners, but I think they must have nothing better to do.

The best for me was of course the appearance of The Who, which I thought might not even happen as the show was running so late, I almost frantic at the end, just waiting as Brazilians danced around the stage.  I was really looking forward to The Who representing our countries music –   I’m so glad I wasn’t watching in America as we all know by now that NBC didn’t air  The who and many other bands.

The Who were FANTASTIC , with Roger proving that he has still got it, – okay maybe the high notes are getting a bit tricky now but he got round that perfectly, and Peter played wonderfully, they put on a great show!

They started with Baba O’riley which always sends chills through my bones.

Then See Me, Feel Me –  Listening to you,  from of course the great rock opera, Tommy –  which I had the pleasure to see performed at the Royal Albert Hall.

How better to end the whole show than with My Generation  – perhaps The who’s most famous track from 1965

Amazing – I hope that if you got to see it, you were as impressed as I was.


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