I’ve seen it all now – Facebook #wakeforpat for EastEnders Pat Butcher

If you don’t know who Pat Butcher from Eastenders is then I would assume that you weren’t English – Eastenders is a UK soap that has been running since 1985 – supposedly set in the East End of london.

The central focus of EastEnders is the fictional Victorian square Albert Square in the fictional London Borough of Walford. Albert Square was built around the early 20th century, named after Prince Albert (1819–1861), the husband of Queen Victoria (1819–1901, reigned 1837–1901). Thus, central to Albert Square is The Queen Victoria Public House.[6]


I have to confess that, yes I was a frequent viewer when it first sppeared on our screens,  but after about 5 years it gets a bit samey – explanation – when something remains consistent when one would expect there to be more variation 

Pat Butcher played Pam St Celement  for 26 years, a year after the show started – even Pat  said that the soap was too violent and the storylines were flat.  However that wasn’t why she left, she left because she felt it was time to move on, well she is 69 you know.

So.. over Christmas and new year the TV show gradually killed her off.

Omg, you’d think the queen died, seriously there were people crying, tributes, twitter went mad with celebrities joining in saying how sad they were.   It was all over the internet and the news – It was probably worse than if the queen had died if the truth were known.

You’d think that was the end of it!

Well, you’d be wrong, on friday 13th January there is Pat’s funeral. Get your tissues ready!!

And if you haven’t had enough of it already on Facebook there is an Event called The Wake For Pat on Sunday 15 of January!

With Pat’s funeral being broadcast this Friday, please join us on Sunday 15th January for the Wake For Pat, upstairs at the Blue Posts on Rupert St from 4pm onwards (possibly moving downstairs at 8pm, but let’s not worry about that now). Feel free to bring EastEnders-loving friends. The wearing of commemorative earrings and the drinking of commemorative G&Ts will be positively encouraged as we all raise our glasses to one of EastEnders’ best loved characters

I won’t put the link just in case.. but if you really want to know about it, then search for it. There are probably more than just that one.

There are about 10 Facebook profiles of Pat Butcher 

I click on one and read  –  OMG I can’t believe you died on your birthday I’m so upset right now, I love you Pat, thanks for the memories.

Tell me has the world (UK) gone mad?


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