Nokia / Nokia World

Planes, Trains and Automobiles #Nokiaworld 2011

The day they’ve all been talking about for months is finally here, people in my timeline are getting planes trains and automobiles to get to London for Nokia World 2011

Nokia World 2011 venue is …..

ICC London ExCel Exhibition Centre at Victoria Docks London E16

Its on for 2 days – 26/27 October and starts a 9am with a keynote speech from president and CEO Stephen Elop.

Which will apparently be able to be view via live web-cast at if you are so inclined 🙂

After that will be various speakers to listen to, mobiles to try out and it is said that at

10.45 and 11.30 Nokia could be announcing two new mobile phones, there are lots of rumours and speculation to what this might be, to which I’m not going to get involved but we will know by this time tomorrow what they are.

A lot of the excitement is due to the fact that not only are many people coming to the event expenses paid and get to see first hand what the announcements are but they meet up with people that they have wanted to meet for a long time, and work, money or distance stands in the way.  Not today – today all the Nokia Fan boys (hehe) that were lucky enough to go will enjoy the experience all together, and that’s something else!

The NokiaWorld Tweets Today!

nokia world tweets twitter

The fun and frivolity will carry on until 3pm on Thursday when it finishes with an Award Ceremony and Nokia World 2011 closing notes.

I know my timeline is going to be hammered with tweets blogs and pictures about this over the next few days, while I am working but I hope to keep a breast of events.

Have a fantastic time people!


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